During my first visit to Sydney, during the film festival in 1981, I fell in love with the Opera House, the Bridge and the Harbour. In 1983 I returned to lecture at the Australian Film TV and Radio School and found myself in the Manly ferry leaving Circular Quay during sunset thinking to myself: "This is so beautiful, I want to live here!" I returned to co-produce a documentary in Wilcannia with Aboriginal kids and exchanged my 1920-ies attic studio in Berlin with a cottage in Balmain, built in 1860 by Thomas Mort.

Living in a different country, culture and language sharpens the senses and opens the mind. Back in the sixties in Germany I had studied sociology and psychology before I moved into writing and directing. In the mid-nineties I went full circle and studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. After extensive training here and in the US, I started working as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in 2000.

"I always have been interested in why people do what they do and how so often they get stuck in the same patterns. Whether I am coaching the actors through the plot and the making of the film, or my clients through their life journey - I do it with NLP and my deepest respect. And in life, as in the movies, a happy outcome is always an option."

But, can one ever give up film making? Not really! Today I write, direct and produce for SWR TV Germany in cooperation with UNESCO films for the series "Treasures of the World, Heritage of Mankind" which screens round the world including here on SBS in Global Village. Making these films, I am open to what I glean and think with my heart.