In cooperation with UNESCO, we have produced five Australian World Heritage films for the series 'Treasures of the World Heritage of Mankind'. These films are a journey around Australia's most spectacular sites.

The first place we visit is Kakadu National Park in the north. The Gagudju people of Arnhem Land have lived here for thousands of years and their stories from the creation of time introduce you to this wonderful place.

from there we visit the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world just at the time the coral is spawning and it is truly a paradise under the sea.

Further south on the east coast lies Fraser Island - the largest sand island in the world. According to the Butchalla people, this unique island was created by K'gari, the Dreamtime goddess.

From there we cross into the heart of this great continent to visit Uluru. For the Anangu, the Aboriginal people of this area, Uluru is a very sacred place. Every cave, crevice and rock formation has its origin in the Tjukurpa, the Creation Time. Their creation stories will guide you through this exceptional unique Australian place.

We also visit the youngest World Heritage Site in Australia, the iconic Sydney Opera House. The visionary designer, Jorn Utzon, said about his creation;

"Sometimes in architecture it happens that a daring step into the   unknown gives us a great gift for the future".


From: jan utzon
To: werner meyer
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 8:06 PM
Subject: thank you for DVD - utzon

Dear Werner,

Thank you so much for the marvellous DVD you have made regarding the Sydney Opera House, and thank you for sending it to us. My father sends you his best regards, in gratitude for the noble way in which you have presented the story, and for the wonderful images.

We wish you lots of success with this beautiful production.

Warm regards from Jorn and Jan Utzon